Choose your own adventure

I’ve just completed a new personal project.
A “Choose your own adventure” style game.
I’ve built adventure games before, but this time I wanted more control over the story, guiding the player through a narrative as opposed to a more sandboxed world.
From experience I know that editing these type of games is a lot harder and more time consuming than writing a player, so to improve the workflow I decided to build a fully featured editor. I settled on using NextJS connected to a mongoDB database. Hosted by vercel the editor builds automatically when I push to github.

The story point editor looks like this.

And the story can be tested online in preview mode.

Once I’m happy with the game I need a way to distribute. I chose to build the player using Dart and Flutter. I can embed any game json in the app and publish as a native app to IOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and Linux. Web support is also available via the flutter beta channel and has been helpful for sharing the game and gaining feedback from play testers.

Bug Bounce – Android

Bug Bounce

Built in Flex exported as an Adobe Air application for Android.

[Update 20/Jan/2020]
Bug Bounce was a physics based puzzle game built with Adobe Air and Flash, the player could guide the bug through several levels by tilting their device and bouncing on the mushrooms.
This originally went up on the Play Store in March 2011, in order to maintain it i’d need to run Adobe Flex, but I no longer have an interest in the technology so I’ve decided to retire the game. I may rebuild a version using Flutter or Unity in the future.